Con Bò Cười

What is it?

A delicious and nutritious cheese spread, always very tasty whether it’s spread on bread for breakfast, in a sandwich, or eaten on its own!
Easy to store and eat anywhere, anytime: at school, at work, or on a picnic. Original Con Bo Cuoi does not need to be stored in a fridge.
Con Bo Cuoi is the only cheese that has Calcivit: formulation of calcium and Vitamins, especially, Vitamin D, the crucial ingredient help to boost the efficiency of Calcium. It is excellent for height development.

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Con Bo Cuoi also comes in boxes with

- 8 portions, 128g

-16 portions, 256g

- 2 slices of sandwich
- 50g paté
- 3 piceces of Con Bo Cuoi cheese
- ¼ of green bell pepper
- ¼ of yellow bell pepper
- 8 baby tomatoes
Cheese ants
Use a long dish, arrange the sandwich-with-cheese and the sandwich-with-paté in turn, then add the fibers, we will have a very cute ant-shaped dish.
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